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Definition: Swag Coach Program

SWAG - *Promotional merchandise*, *promotional items*, *promotional products*, *promotional gifts*, *advertising specialties, *advertising gifts*, *apparel*, *corporate gifts*. Products printed or decorated with a logo.

SWAG COACH PROGRAM - The Swag Coach® Program offers a Level 1 starter kit to launch your own business including: Proprietary online technology, coaching, and proven tips to start and grow a business in between 7 and 45 days (depending on previous experience). Level 2 = Add residual income component to business. 

How I Did It, and You Can Too - By Josh Frey

What is the Swag Coach® Program?

Tired of the everyday grind of selling? Or dealing with cash flow challenges? Or spending your time on the parts of the business that aren't fun or don't make you money? Whether you are a experienced sales rep or small distributor owner, I know how it feels. So I made a change to how I was doing business. And let me tell you ... the model works well, really well!

Introducing: The Swag Coach® Program - a new type of distributorship model for this industry. It leverages the internet and technology, coaching and outsourcing. And recruiting best practices. Make money from your own sales. Make money from other people's sales. And have more time to do the things in life that are most important to you. All managed online, through technology. And online through coaching. Now I want to share what I have learned with you.

We Teach You How To:

Set Up Your Own Distributorship

No experience running your own business? No problem! We have a step-by-step, hands on approach for helping you set up, launch, and grow your own distributorship. Learn More about how easy it is to get started.

Sell and Process Orders Online

Get your clients and reps to order online. We do and you can too. Developed by a front line sales rep, our process patent web platform allows your clients and prospects (and future sales team) to order online. Learn More about our technology and making online sales here.

Recruit and Build Residual Income

Best practices for recruiting and training "newbies" to the promotional industry. And then tools for tracking their sales and your residual income! Learn More about how to earn income from others in your Swag Coach network of sales reps.

Coach Other Reps

We teach you how to coach and mentor other reps, sharing best practices and experiences. From coaching agendas to accountability tools to building your own network, we help you and your team grow sales volume, profitably. Learn More about how easy it is to get started.



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